Clearly communicate your big idea - your way - for massive impact

Kristine Schoonmaker

Kristine Schoonmaker, Creative Strategist, Collaborator & Coach

Do you have a big idea you want to share with the world? Are you struggling to bring it to life in your keynote, marketing or creative projects? 

Ever find yourself spending hours toiling your home office, endlessly making lists, organizing (and re-organizing) your thoughts and ideas, grinding out anything and everything the gurus say you need to do to make it happen?   

Tell me if these tracks repeat on your mental mix tape...

What am I even trying to say...and does it even matter to anyone but ME?

My message isn’t as unique or impactful as others...

I should be able to figure this out by myself...

I have all these great ideas, I just can’t seem to make sense of them or put the pieces together....

I’m just not _______ enough...

You just need SOMEONE or SOMETHING to help break through the analysis paralysis that keeps you stuck and swirling....

My services are best-suited for purpose-driven solopreneurs who:

  • Have a big idea to share
  • Want to unlock more clarity and impact in their keynote, promotional videos, brand stories or events
  • Have lots of ideas but struggle to fit the pieces together to tell a story
  • Are missing a clear strategy or structure for their project
  • Want to show up and do business their way
  • Want to create more easily, with support  

No More Going It Alone

If you want your next creative project to have impact - whether it’s a promo video, keynote, live event, product launch or brand - it needs to be cohesive. It needs to tell a story. It needs to fully embody your big, bad ass vision. And it needs to CONNECT - with you and the people you want to serve. 

But just because you're the one with the big idea doesn't mean you have to figure it out all on your own. When you think of that killer concert, best-selling book, or binge-worthy show, the creator behind it didn't birth that baby by themselves.

Partnerships make the creative process easier, more fun and the result so much better! A collaborator brings a different perspective, see what you can't, complements your genius and helps bring your future best-seller to market.

That's where I come in.

Kristine Schoonmaker, Creative Strategist, Collaborator & Coach

Meet Kristine

For nearly 20 years, whether I was consulting for Fortune 100 companies, an employee in corporate, coaching clients in my own practice, or designing my own products, I've created frameworks and packaged information and stories that got people rallied around an idea.

Here's how I help.

I've got a knack for seeing the big picture - and a whole lot more potential than even you might be able to see right now. 

We cut through the noise and bring clarity to the essence of who you are, your big vision, and what's tripping you up.

We find the through line in all the different experiences, stories or ideas to show you how they really do connect.

I help you rearrange or eliminate the parts that aren’t quite fitting, clear the idea overwhelm, and focus on what matters most.

Then, we package all that up in a way that flows and resonates with your audience, so you feel confident putting it out in the world.

I absolutely LOVE seeing it all come together and celebrating a finished product you feel excited to share!

Let's Get You Moving

If you're ready to stop swirling and get moving with momentum, click below to book a 30 minute discovery call with me. We'll spend 20 minutes talking about your project and big idea, where you're stuck and a few ideas for your next steps. Then we'll spend 10 minutes on how we might work together if you'd like additional support. Easy peasy.


Have a few questions first?

If you're not sure what you need next and have questions before hopping on a discovery call, simply drop me an email and let's take the first step out of the swirl.